Of course it was coordinated

UPDATE: The Obama administration was “advising” Occupy cities.

Was there ever any doubt?

Embattled Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, speaking in an interview with the BBC (excerpted on The Takeaway radio program–audio of Quan starts at the 5:30 mark), casually mentioned that she was on a conference call with leaders of 18 US cities shortly before a wave of raids broke up Occupy Wall Street encampments across the country. “I was recently on a conference call with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation. . . .”

Mayor Quan then rambles about how she “spoke with protestors in my city” who professed an interest in “separating from anarchists,” implying that her police action was helping this somehow.

7 thoughts on “Of course it was coordinated

  1. Mayor Quan is a liar and a fascist. As are the other 18 mayors she was speaking to. All of these reprobates make up a good cross section of the entire political class in this country. They are all beholden to the 1% which makes them corrupt to their core. The only patriots truly representing “we the people” are the OWS patriots. The politicians are a complete waste of our time.

  2. I think Jean Quan’s problem is that she’s too indecisive. A lot of Oaklanders thought that she was too soft to tackle the crime problem in Oakland (she’s historically clashed with Oakland Police on crime-solving issues). Now she seems to overcompensate by allowing Oakland Police to raid OO for the second time.
    To be clear, I am the 99% and agree with the Occupy movement. From my vantage point in Oakland, I just want to say that OO is complicated by the fact that ANY kind of protest movement is Oakland always get hijacked by “anarchists” (i.e., destructive assholes who exploit unrest to get their jollies on), the seemingly intractable crime and violence problem in the city, and the ineffectual city administration.

  3. That’s been my impression, grrljock, though admittedly from afar. When I wrote about the OPD actions two weeks ago, that was the impression I got from reading the local news – Quan didn’t dare act in support of OO. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of that sort of reasoning applied to President Obama, too, and there’s no question it’s wrong there.

    Unfortunately, as time goes on she’s just digging the hole deeper. She had a chance to change course. Now I think, whether she wants to or not, her course is set, and only some major amount of force from outside her administration is going to change it.

  4. I guess those founding fathers are the shit and we really expect the shit in our everyday dealings. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the shit.

    Okay. Wait. What does shit mean again exactly?

  5. Cujo359, your impression is pretty much spot on. And yes, seems that Quan’s just digging the hole deeper. Too bad, I was hoping that she would somehow pleasantly surprise us.

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