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  1. A word about billions and trillions, if you please. We should all become familiar with ‘quadrillions’. ‘Cause quadrillions comes after trillions. For example, every year the entire world produces $47 trillion dollars of wealth. The United States produces about $14 trillion of that. (The US portion seems quite high given the fact that we only have 10% of the worlds total population. But that’s another discussion entirely.) So by 2030 the world will have produced about $1 quadrillion dollars of wealth. The top 1% will own at least 40% of that if things keep going the way they are. At this point susie shouldn’t be the only one feeling sick with cramps and chills?

  2. Yeah well a lot of that so-called “wealth” being bandied about in the above post is FICTITIOUS, as it’s fiat money chasing “bets,” many of which are tied to CDS from too-big-to-fail INSOLVENT BANKS backed up by printing presses running day and night (not that the paper is worth anything REAL).

    Secondly, the way things are going on the environmental front, i don’t think humanity is going to make it to 2030 without a SERIOUS depletion of the population. i expect the unsustainable food chain to collapse long before that (due to Peak Oil and climate change caused problems to the food production sector – erratic, unpredictable weather, flooding, drought, tornados and hurricanes, with earthquakes and volcanic activity thrown in).

    We’re facing the collapse of civilization, so don’t worry too much about money and the supposed wealth that will turn to dust as soon as the food and or water is severely impacted.

    Susie, i’m sorry to hear about your illness. Get some rest and drink lots of tea (chamomile is supposed to be good for that).

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