2 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. At some point in the 80s and 90s, supermarkets in Manhattan were doing that to their delivery people. I’m fuzzy on the details, but there were a couple of lawsuits and eventually they had to start paying a regular salary. They were claiming, IIRC, that the delivery people were independent contractors.

  2. Corporations and now businesses in general are cheap bastards that expect all kinds of free overtime, pile on the work to make the job miserable, and the people who are bosses (and management) are about as friendly as Pol Pot. These business people have lost their humanity and how they sleep at night is beyond me.

    i buy as little as possible now and comment to management whenever i get the chance that their cruel, heartless and despicable behavior doesn’t go unnoticed. They simply don’t care.

    Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

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