They took the books – again

Why didn’t they just Tase the books if they were so dangerous? Last night:

The NYPD seized the People’s Library again tonight. We set up the library again today with 100 books, and the police came over this evening and stood in a line around the books, blocking anyone from reaching the books by creating a fence with their batons. The officers then ordered the Brookfield property sanitation crew to throw them in a trash can. We photographed it all, and video is available on the blog here. The police were asked why they were taking the books and one officer said “I don’t know.”

5 thoughts on “They took the books – again

  1. The NYPD has shown the world that it’s a goon squad, but this war on OWS books seems an attempt at self-parody. Next up, flamethrowers, as in Fahrenheit 451. I wonder how far up the chain of command such decisions go?

  2. Bibles. Lots and lots of gideon (and other) bibles. With very obvious, bright, covers so that they are easy to recognize.

    The vids of NYPD trashing those will be priceless.

    (sure, mix in worthwhile books too; it’s not like NYPD is going to sit down and sort through the library and even if they did it would show blatant viewpoint discrimination)

  3. Pre-WWII, the Nazis instigated book burnings.

    How sad is it that Bloomberg has debased that long, if dishonorable, tradition to books being dumped in the garbage? In landfills?

    Bloomberg book trashing. Hhhmm, that doesn’t quite make it so soundbite level.

    What should we call it?

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