3 thoughts on “Quantum theorem shakes foundations

  1. Boiled down it seems to prove that quantum systems appear to be aware, or have knowledge of, their condition, i.e they “know” the state that they are in. Here’s a question, what does David Wallce, a ‘philospher’ of physics, spend his days thinking about? Mathemactics unlike everyday language can only be interpreted in one way. 1 + 1 will always = 2. Regardless of who writes that sentence or when. So in order to prove what reality is, and isn’t, one is required to think in terms of, and then use, the language of mathmatics. Newton recognized the limits of the mathematics known to him, and to everyone else, in his day. So he spent two years inventing calculus. Or so they say. We only have to learn calculus, think about the process needed to think it up.

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