8 thoughts on “Sick bay

  1. Feel better soon, Suze. If it’s any consolation—which it probably isn’t—–my mom had some sort “verticulitus” back in the 60’s. We thought, at the time, that the docs were handing her a crock. Later, we discovered that they were right. I actually have had one of those “verticulitus” thingeys and have recovered, as I know you will. Love and blessings………….feel better soon!

  2. My good health is totally wasted on me. If I could give it to someone who deserves it, I’d probably be tempted and ultimately resist.

    In any case, take the meds as prescribed, and eat more veggies and fruit when you get out. Don’t worry about the vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics, omega-3 crap…

    Food isn’t medicine. It’s food.

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