Krugman, to his credit, states the obvious

The NYT columnist ruffled George Will’s feathers on “This Week”:

“I have a structural hypothesis here,” [Paul] Krugman told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour Sunday. “You have a Republican ideology, which Mitt Romney obviously doesn’t believe in. He just oozes insincerity, that’s just so obvious. But all of the others are fools and clowns. And there is a question here, my hypothesis is that maybe this is an ideology that only fools and clowns can believe in. And that’s the Republican problem.” More here.

4 thoughts on “Krugman, to his credit, states the obvious

  1. Noonan says everybody’s an insider now, everybody’s on the internet reading things all the time.
    I’m pretty sure that is totally not true. No, let me respeak: I’m pretty sure that is the anti-truth.
    And I think we should mark this down as a day when George Will gave (admittedly snide and back-handed) approval to Al Gore. The Apocalypse must be upon us.
    But it sounds like (remember, no tv, no stomach for debates here) that shockingly, Gingrich isn’t really running for president – that he’s just keeping his brand out there. I know, I know. Accusing him of being an attention hound. What kind of evil am I?

  2. Why, “Krugman, to his credit”? Is this someone you usually have a beef with?.

    I was a bit disappointed with the clip. As “severe” as Wills finds him, I found the remark a bit too impish (especially since he seems to be morphing him into a Keebler elf with those ears and chubby cheeks). If I had said those word, with my voice dripping with contempt, I think I could have made Peggy cry.

    And what’s up with Peggy? She looks about 20 years younger and far less matronly than the last time I saw her (which has been many years). Old girl has had some WORK done. At first I thought it was a younger (but no less plasticized) version of Barbara Walters.

  3. “He’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.”

    Great description of Newticles.

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