9 thoughts on “Guess what

  1. Ouchy!

    On a more cheery note, I heard on the radio that Obama pardoned two turkeys today. Their names were “Goldman” and “Sachs.” I’m pretty sure I heard that.

  2. I promise we will put “See, I told you I was sick” on your tombstone.

    That’s really awful. Can they operate with all the infection in your system? I know it’s that innocent little outpatient thing, but still.

  3. k, if Susie’s really full of gall(stones), they should operate asap. The gallbladder can burst just like an appendix, with similar results.

    She can be given intravenous antibiotics for the infection. If all goes well, she should be feeling much, much better soon.

    Fingers crossed. Keep us posted, Susie.

  4. I applied a week ago for the state’s preexisting condition insurance pool. ($300 a month.) I have no idea how fast it will come through. I’m going to call my state rep’s office next week to find out.

  5. Don’t they zap them with lasers now, making them tiny enough to pass without excruciating pain?

    All the best Susie – keep us posted. Do i have to come over there and donate a gall bladder . . .

  6. Mine was too- I had “reflux” for 3 yrs before they figured it out..plus a gall stone escaped, lodged in the bile duct and voila, pancreatitis added to the joy. I had pretty decent insurance tho- hope the rest goes easy.

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