Which side are you on, Dems?

The supercommittee was a super dud, but Congressional Republicans continue to outmaneuver and cow Democrats, who are supposed to be protecting the social safety net. More here.

2 thoughts on “Which side are you on, Dems?

  1. Bye your leave. The Zionists are cooking up another war as fast as they can folks. Nobody thinks that Iran is much of threat to anyone. Except for Israel and the Zionists (neo-cons, warmongers, military industrial complex, etc.) who see boogeymen behind every shrub. The latest IAEA report posits the fantasy that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb so that they can rule the earth. Once the international community stopped laughing at the report, Israel and the Zionists demanded that the “Iranian regime be brought down.” More sustained laughter. So the USA, standing all alone, decided to use Title III of the PATRIOT ACT to declare the country of Iran a “money laundring operation.” Hillary and Geithner announced that move in a public event on Monday. Iran just like Iraq. Happy Thanksgiving and pass the turkeys.

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