One thought on “‘Just you f*ckers wait’

  1. Peacefully, writing about her experience. Good for her. Egyptian elections will begin this coming Monday. There is a Million Person March going on today. The Muslim Brotherhood the largest and best organized group in Egypt and is expected to do very well in these elections. Israel fears that. The interesting part is that the Brotherhood refused to take part in any of last weeks demonstrations nor would they back today’s Million Person March. Maybe they know something that we don’t? Like why three American students were caught throwing Molotov cocktails at the police during the demonstrations. Maybe the Brotherhood won’t do as well as expected in the upcoming elections because of their nonparticipation in the latest demonstrations? We’ll have to wait and see. As an aside, a dozen CIA agents were arrested in Iran on Wednesday and charged with terrorist activities. Whether or not they were involved in last weeks explosion which killed a high ranking Revolutionary Guard official at the munitions plant is under investigation.

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