Much ado about nothing

Another gall bladder attack. I went to the ER as the GI doctor told me to do if symptoms escalated (in this case, I was throwing up – a lot) but by the time they saw me in the ER, the pain was gone. They ascribe the vomiting to the diverticulitis and tried to push another round of antibiotics but I said no way and they backed off.

So it’s back to the BRAT diet for the next few days. I’m so sick of rice and bananas, I could scream.

10 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing

  1. “BRAT diet…..of rice and bananas,” many of the poor in the world would be delighted to have that much to eat everyday. “I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes. Then I saw a man who had no feet.”

  2. Ok, ignore Imhotep. Clearly, he/she has never had a gall bladder attack. Besides, what is his/her point?? That you should feel guilty and starve yourself in solidarity? That makes no sense. No, first, you put the oxygen mask over your own face before you can help the person next to you.

    Secondly, if I were you, I’d get the sucker taken out toot sweet. My mother had a number of minor gall bladder attacks and then got full blown pancreatitis- twice- before they removed hers. It’s supposed to be the worst pain in the world. It kept her in the hospital for weeks. And she had good insurance. When they finally took out her gall bladder, after figuring out that it was a tiny stone that blocked the exit to her pancreas, problem went away. Pancreatitis is very dangerous. What the fuck are your doctors waiting for? You can have that sucker out as an outpatient. They use a laparoscopy thingy and send you home. No problem. I’d want answers because every trip to the emergency room is a waste of money.

  3. Did I mention that she had non stop vomiting? Oh yeah, you want to head off the pancreatitis. It’s awful. You will never feel so sick in your life and it will take months to feel better.

  4. Uh, yo’ Imhotep………….This isn’t a laughing matter, so fuck off! And Suze, I agree with Mary and riverdaughter,get the problem removed.

  5. I’m looking at $15K and up for this surgery. If I sold everything I own, I still couldn’t raise that much. I’m trying to get insurance through the state pre-existing condition pool.

  6. only 15k? shit my appendectomy would’ve been $27k w/o insurance, but aetna only had to pay 2 after my 5 out of pocket!

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