3 thoughts on “Pay A Blogger Day

  1. Senator Carl Levin, Democrat from Mich., is a fascist warmonger. That he like Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsey Graham is also a militant Zionist is the least of the 99%’s problem with him. Has anyone been following the debate on the Senate floor this morning? Oh yeah, and send susie a few bucks to cover her expenses. Or a bag of rice and a banana tree:)

  2. Imhotep — what’s being debated in the Senate? Thnx.

    Include a nice glassed greenhouse for that banana tree (do they need to have male and female trees? What is
    the sex life of a banana tree?)

    If this strange warm weather keeps up, maybe she doesn’t need a greenhouse…. It’s 63 degrees here in Northern NJ today! Again! (I do know the cold is coming.)

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