5 thoughts on “Did you see this on your teevee?

  1. The 1% doesn’t want to egg on the 99% by actually giving them the news. They need the 99% falling into line and not questioning authority. Otherwise the 1% couldn’t use all those cardboard cutouts to project images thrown by the firelight against the wall to fool the sheepeople. Baaaaa..

  2. In February 2003, about 30 million people world-wide, including hundreds of thousands in the US, took to the streets in protest against Bush’s upcoming war.

    There were roughly half a million protesters in Manhattan. That’s about a third of the population of Manhattan. It seems fair to suggest that other people in Manhattan might have noticed this.

    However, in 2008, when the NY Times (the paper of record don’t ya know) put together a timeline of the disaster, which focused on protests, they ignored it — not just Manhattan; they forgot to mention what seems to have been the largest day of protest in human history.

    Retrospectively, it didn’t register. It just un-happened.

    Our Nation’s Greatest News Media will tell us, though, all there is to know about some rich young women whose unlikely names start with “K”, and they will tell us that Barney Frank is mean. And that young women shouldn’t be rude on Twitter, or anyway not to Republicans. These are things we might not otherwise have known. So there’s that.

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