Wow, man

My friend Cos sends this with the note, “Someone must have had super negative energy around this tofu pan and it exploded in a vegan rage.”

Fire investigators in Portland, Ore., are trying to figure out how cleaning a pan of tofu could cause an explosion that broke out a window and resulted in $15,000 of damage.

Fire Bureau spokesman Paul Corah tells The Oregonian that a woman in the Old Town district said she cooked tofu Sunday night, and as she washed the pan, a blast knocked a 4-by-6-foot window into the street.

Corah says the 25-year-old woman could tell investigators only that the hot pan “flashed” as she rinsed it. She suffered a slight hand burn.

5 thoughts on “Wow, man

  1. “as she washed the pan, a blast knocked a 4-by-6 window into the street. She suffered a slight hand burn.” Riiiiiigght.

  2. Sure sounds like a gas leak and a coincidence that she started to wash the pan just before the explosion.

  3. [Portland Fire Dept. did some calling around about this]. The word is the grease in the pan reacting with the water into which it was plunged caused the explosion.

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