Uh huh

Yes, this is the same UC system that’s raising tuition, cutting grants and trying to slash benefits for hourly workers. From a year ago:

Three dozen of the University of California’s highest-paid executives are threatening to sue unless UC agrees to spend tens of millions of dollars to dramatically increase retirement benefits for employees earning more than $245,000.

“We believe it is the University’s legal, moral and ethical obligation” to increase the benefits, the executives wrote the Board of Regents in a Dec. 9 letter and position paper obtained by The Chronicle.

I wonder if they got it? Any CA readers who followed this?

2 thoughts on “Uh huh

  1. earn over $245k, getting more money from the govt is a “moral and ethical” imperative. earn less, and it’s just a handout.

    at least now I finally know where the cutoff is

  2. The California budget blew up in November as it always does each year when the rosy predictions prove false. So this December severe mandated cuts will decimate education including UC. It will be seriously ugly.

    The pension system for all public workers there is also way under-funded. This is not an anti-union statement, just simple fact.

    So of course the greedy pigs at the top of UC feel entitled to demand more.

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