6 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. Hopefully since you were smart and didn’t play. All the lottery really is is a tax on the mathematically challenged.

  2. We call it Schroedinger’s lottery. Till you check, you might have won.

    In Minnesota, it at least used to go to public schools. In part. I don’t know about Wisconsin.

  3. Well if you’re like me, there’s that nagging catch of actually having to buy a ticket . . . I always forget that part.

  4. Occasionally, under the right circumstances, the odds are with you, but that’s pretty rare. When I lived in Seattle, I used to buy a few carefully-timed tickets with a very numerate friend. Alas, we never won anything.
    Overall, it’s just another way to rob from the poor to lower the tax burden of the rich.

  5. The odds of winning is infinitely greater if you buy a ticket as opposed to not having one. That is why people buy into the game but that does not rule out absolutely the odds of a winner without purchase.
    I’m not waiting to see a non-ticket holder win any time soon. However I am waiting for someone to get bitten (eaten would be hoping for too much) by a shark on dry land. One of these days when an aquarium tank bursts, it will occur.

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