3 thoughts on “Zombie stuff.

  1. Because we will be “a nation at war,” forever, (S. 1867, the Defense Authorization Act) the president gets to decide who is an “enemy combatant.” (Surely the zombie’s will be first? Or maybe it’ll be Progressives?) Those “combatants” could include American citizens living in the United States. Once declared to be an “enemy combatant” these citizens can be shipped off to Guantanamo without a trial or the right of habeas corpus and rot there “indefinitely.” A fascists wet dream right Senator Levin?

  2. Oh, my. Mama want.

    My family and (admittedly few) friends do not get my enthusiasm for all things zombie, and are bewildered at the notion that millions of others feel the same. I tell them, the modern zombie is the perfect monster. They’re a blank slate on which to project your fears; just look at how many themes Romero has played on using basically the same story. As many, they’re the apocalypse. But individually, they’re slow, stupid, and easy to kill. And so they conjure the idea of adventure. You can outrun ’em! You can shoot ’em in the head! You can create a whole new world, with you as the hero-king! Play your cards right, and you can get all the loot, and maybe the girl too!

    So much fun.

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