Occupy Houses

Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at livestream.com

Occupy groups around the country today are occupying housing to prevent foreclosures and evictions. Watch the live stream!

Today’s the Day!

OCCUPY WALL STREET joins up with Take Back the Land (seen in ‘Capitalism:
A Love Story’) and other great organizations in a new program
of direct actions to thwart foreclosures

‘I’m Not the Only One in This Boat’
“The banks got all this money from us and they didn’t modify anybody’s loan?
What are they doing with all this money all this time? … If we’re all in this
together we need to start bailing water together.” – Bobby Hull,
57-year-old Minneapolis plasterer foreclosed
on by Banksters of America

Occupy Our Homes
Find local events and throw your body upon the gears of the
foreclosure machine and make it stop

UPDATES: @OccupyOurHomes | #OccupyOurHomes