3 thoughts on “Occupy LA

  1. Apparently Villaraigosa and his pigs want to teach people that nonviolence will be met with crushing violence, so that….protesters should fight to the death? That’s about the only take away I get from these kinds of stories. As far as I can tell, it seems like they have succeeded in ending the Occupy movement for the time being, not giving any ground (as far as reforms or justice for the culture of corruption) and demonstrating that they can and will crush anyone who criticizes them. Hopefully next time they’ll get a real fight.

  2. My hope is that the outrage will cause hundreds of thousands more people to realize that they (we ALL) are the 99% and to stand together, overwhelming the system and peacably forcing it to change. United we stand.

  3. See, that’s the problem Tracey – the powers that be and their media minions divide people so that they don’t “identify” with the 99%. You’re “different”, “special”, “law-abiding” if you don’t protest the rampant fraud that’s killing this country and especially hard on the working class and below (most of us). As we’ve all seen on Youtube – the cops are beating kids, macing old ladies, shooting returning vets in the head (with supposedly “non-lethal” projectiles, but still causing hospitalization and real harm), and even arresting innocent by-standers and people trying to withdraw their money from the big banks LEGALLY!
    It’s insane what they’re getting away with under the guise of “homeland security” and “law enforcement.” Just the other day there was an article saying that the military is distributing FREE to all police stations in the country that ask for them (and most are) – military armaments of all kinds!

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