4 thoughts on “Breaking news

  1. Right wing Capitalist Harper has been looking for an excuse to pull the plug on the Kyoto Treaty since he got into office. He will pay a high political price for this decision.

  2. Unfortunately Harper has a rock solid constituency that will never desert him. And the opposition is hoplessly divided. He is the master of the wedge issue as well and uses attack ads that despite being over the top, pump up his constituency. He is probably unbeatabl for a generation. Pity. Canada used to be nice – no longer.

  3. Nobody is unbeatable for a generation. Granted Harper is slick and the opposition is divided, but you can’t “fool all of the people all of the time.” His end is rapidly approaching. Bet on it.

  4. Harper is probably one of the most anti-environmental leaders in the world today. He is also a global warming denier. And he got elected mostly due to the conservative vote in Ontario, the province most like the US. He’s sharp as a politician, and the big problem is his piss-poor opposition.


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