8 thoughts on “No waiting here

  1. dandy, don’t be so cynical. This IS the greatest country in the world. IF you’re part of the 1%. The other 99% of us can kiss their gold plated-asses if we don’t like it.

  2. I know! If you were unlucky enough to live in one of those nasty socialist places, you’d have already been treated and been denied the opportunity to endeavor to persevere as a result. All gratitude and obeisance to Our Corporate Masters.

  3. Just got back from spending time in the hospital with my old dad. He’s not doing well. But that’s another post.

    I was truly shocked at how run-down the hospital has become. The blankets were rags, light fixtures broken, paint peeling, nurses told me they were out of pillows (as well as necessary medical supplies, oops). This was, not too long ago, the premier medical facility in the state. Luckily they still have (some) doctors, and the nursing staff couldn’t be more helpful. But still!

    People who say we have the best medical care in the world must not spend much time in the system.

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