Governor Tom Corbett’s Classy Staff

Phone call this morning…

Me: Hi, I’m calling ask the governor veto SB 732. Kermit Gosnell’s crimes didn’t occur because of safety standards, but because the state wasn’t doing its job to begin with. Rape and domestic violence victims will be harmed.

Corbett staff member: I’ll let the governor know of your support for the abortion industry. CLICK.

I called back immediately, furious. The people who answer the phones in a politician’s office are interns: they are not empowered to speak for the politician. This is the same in every office, in every state whether it’s arch-conservative Tom Corbett or far-left Dennis Kucinich. Their job is to answer the phone, take comments, and pass the comments along. That’s it.

But there was no answer, so I called back a third time, a different voice answered the phone.

After explaining angrily what had just happened, I said “I want to know the name of the young man who just hung up on me.”

“We don’t have that info, sir,” the kid on the other end said.
“Then transfer me to the chief of staff.” There was a brief silence as I was put on hold, and then the kid came back saying “he’s in a meeting.”

“Voicemail, please.”

“Umm… he doesn’t have voicemail.” That was bullshit obviously, so I left my name and number, with a request for a call back.

So i called back a few more times over the course of the day. I want this little snot reprimanded or fired, because he can’t be trusted to do his job. With an attitude like that -uncalled for dismissive back talk to a constituent- I cannot assume that he passed my comment along to the Governor. He demonstrated his political bias, and in doing so left me feeling disenfranchised.

Corbett’s Director of Correspondence is Mike Downing. I’m waiting for him to call me back.

3 thoughts on “Governor Tom Corbett’s Classy Staff

  1. You could email his office:

    Contact a regional office:

    Or, even better, write him a letter:

    Governor’s Office
    225 Main Capitol Building
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

    OR do all three!

    Don’t just rely on the phone to his office. They know your #, by now, from caller ID. The letter is sometimes taken more seriously, because you took the time to write it and mail it.

    Just a few suggestions.

  2. “Left me feeling disenfranchised”……………..are you shitting me. Dontcha’ know we all are already disenfranchised. Calling those idiots is a ruse, something to make you feel as if you count. Newsflash: you don’t count, and neither do I. The masters of the oligarchy tossed the 99% under the bus 30 years ago!

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