3 thoughts on “Yep

  1. Speaking of Newt (poor kids should clean toilets), the most troubling aspect of his ever changing philosophy of life is his conversion the Roman Catholicism. Specifically his embrace of the Jesuit doctrine. Since Inigo de Loyola established the Jesuit’s in 1534 the Order has fought against all small “r” republican (democratic) forms of government. Their oath states that “I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulation cord, the steel poniard or the leaden bullet….against all heritics.” To Newt if you are a small ‘r’ republican or a liberal than you are a heritic. Which might explain why he directs all that anger toward the Left.

  2. I say to hell with Newt! His opinion has no bearing on the reality of todays’—-or yesterdays’, for that matter—economy. The obvious irony in his logic is that it isn’t just Blacks, or Latinoes anymore. For the first time since the Great Depression we’re ALL swimming in the same bucket of shit, except, of course, folks like Newt and small-change Mitt.

  3. Gene Marks needs a good editor — noun-verb agreement is a “good thing,” Gene.

    Guess English grammar wasn’t a big thing in his world view. Not much rigor there. Which, really, is another marker of privilege.

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