Mitt punts on payroll tax standoff

Political news junkies who already know Mitt Romney is the king of the flip-floppers are quickly finding out that he’d rather not even take any stand at all, just to be on the safe side:

[On three occasions] Wednesday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney refused to take a stance on the biggest issue in Washington today: the extension of the payroll tax holiday. A huge bipartisan majority in the Senate passed a two-month extension of the cut, but the House rejected that yesterday.

A number of Republican senators have slammed House Republicans for blocking the extension, but on Fox News this morning, Romney wouldn’t say whether he sided with the House or Senate, dismissing the issue as an “internal battle.” “I’d like to see this payroll tax holiday extended,” Romney said, without saying for how long.

Later, on MSNBC, Romney downplayed the debate as being “deep in the weeds.” He offered only platitudes about hoping that the House and Senate “come together” to “get the job done.” “I’m not going to throw gasoline on what is already a fire,” he added…

…[And] in an event in New Hampshire… Romney — for the 3rd time — avoided taking a position on the House GOP’s position on the payroll tax holiday.