Obama to issue NDAA signing statement

OK, but it’s still unclear what effect this will have on the law regarding detention of American civilians:

Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed speculation Wednesday that President Barack Obama would issue a signing statement when he makes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its controversial detention provisions law.

“We made really substantial progress in moving from something that was really unacceptable to the administration to something with which we still have problems,” Holder said in response to a question from the Wall Street Journal’s Evan Perez. “But I think through these procedures, with these regulations we will be crafting, we can minimize the problems that will actually affect us in an operational way.”

Holder said the language of the NDAA had been moved in a “substantial way” from some of the original language which led the president to issue a veto threat.

“So we are in a better place, I think the regulations, procedures that will help, and we’ll also have a signing statement from the president” which will help clarify how they view the law, Holder said.

One thought on “Obama to issue NDAA signing statement

  1. There go the Zionists threatening war again. On Monday it was Panetta. Yesterday it was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. “The US has the firepower to take out Iran,” he said. He added, “We are sharing our intelligence with Israel.” Today Holder and the Obama administration assures us that even though the NDAA clearly codifies the fact that the US is in a state of war with “terrorists” forever (or at least until we defeat the concept of terrorism), the language in the bill is more to their liking. “War (Zionists). What is it (are they) good for? Absolutely nothing.” “Say it again.” “War……”

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