Sick again

Oh boy, what a great Christmas this is going to be. With another flareup of diverticulitis, I’m back on the liquid diet for the next 72 hours. And because of the antibiotics, I’m going to feel like crap and everything is going to taste terrible, anyway. Just when I was starting to feel better…

6 thoughts on “Sick again

  1. Well, I’m so sorry. Perhaps you can postpone the festivities. Christmas is merely a mass, kinda fake, hysterical stress inducer to pressure us into spending money on things we mostly don’t need. When you feel better you can rally us regulars and we’ll celebrate your wellness and fabulousness. I so look forward to that.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Well now, Suze, I’m sick of your sickness. Do ya’ need a good rubdown from a few hundred of your closest friends? We can’t let you suffer because you know how much we all love you!

  3. i can empathize to a small extent: everyone in my immediate and extended family and most of my friends are fighting this annoying cold that just doesn’t want to let go. i lost my voice about 3 days ago and still speak in hoarse squeeks and through clogged sinuses. i’m trying to shine through it all and a daily visit or two here really helps, so i hope you beat this ailment and continue to live productive, happy years!

  4. I’m so sorry, Suze. I guess you’ll have to put a ribbon on your cup of blech. Enjoy your family and friends and here’s to a better New Year. My family and I wish you all the best this Christmas.

    On the bright side, only ten more shopping days till the insurance kicks in.

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