2 thoughts on “Lather, rinse, repeat

  1. Obama’s treatment of Illinois residents who turned to him for help with radioactive material getting into their drinking water aquifer. The leaks were from Exelon nuclear plants — a corporation which became a huge donor to Obama’s campaigns.

    The NYTimes reported 2/03/08 on what he actually did, as opposed to what he said while on the campaign trial when he was trying to bamboozle voters into supporting him.

    This is a repeated pattern of behavior by Obama. He talks forcefully about using government to assist citizens and says he will work hard to solve their problems. He then meets with the Big Bidness owners and changes what he actually does, to the benefit of the corporations or Big Money. In the case of Exelon he even said to voters that he had passed legislation which would control the nuke plant managers’ so that such things would not happen again.

    He clearly lied to the voters*, saying he’d gotten the bill passed legislation to date required plants to report any leaks to local and state governments. It did get out of committee, once it was weak enough to please the Repubs on the committee. But it was never brought up for a vote.

    Once he’d met with “savvy businessmen,” he reworked his legislation from required regulatory controls of such leaks and how they’re managed to letting the NRCC urge nuke plant owners to follow guidelines.

    Sound familiar?

    BTW, this bodes ill for how Obama et al will enforce Obama/Romney’s health insurance reform.

    And, Obama’s still doing things this way, per this Bloomberg report which references Obama’s Excellent Exelon Endeavor. As in talk tough, meet with officials from the industry or corporation about which he talked tough, make nice to the “savvy businessmen” by watering down, dropping things they don’t like, seeking to please Republicans, or in other ways give the Big Bidness types what they want.

    Obama is a Corporatist Repubican. He does things which will help Big Bidness and the One Percent. He does not work for us.

    *Notice that while the NYTimes article was timely and an important look at how a novice US senator acted while in the senate, it seems to have little effect on MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) discussion of Obama’s record.

    Isnt’ that special? I wonder where the MCM will come down if the more “electable” Romney gets the nomination? Or, why buy an imitaton Repub when they can get a real Repub?

  2. jawbone, Obama is a politician. You know who owns the politicians. You also know that a “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” So why elect Romney when you’re sure about the guy you already have in office? Obama’s reelection is a done deal. The rest of this running for office nonsense is simply a show presented by the 1% to convince the 99% that everything is on the up and up. That the 99% lives in a ‘real’ democracy that they control with their vote. The wild card in all of this is OWS and the 1% knows it and fears it.

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