I like this idea, a lot. It’s very popular on Reddit right now:

It’s clear most Americans hate Congress, big corporations, the wars, etc… Still, it seems our will never gets done. Why? My view of it is, although we have the power to effect change near instantaneously on any matter we agree upon en masse, we dilute our strength when we attack anybody and everyone we percieve to be responsible for our dissatisfaction. Victory will never come to us this way.
You don’t like SOPA? Do not threaten across the board boycotts. That dilutes our power. Instead, keep focusing on GoDaddy. Do not relent. Destroy that business. It literally supports the destruction of your rights, why would you display it mercy?

After GoDaddy goes down, find another bad actor and take them down just the same. In short order other businesses will get the message and back off, believe it. Don’t just attack the businesses though. Find out who in Congress supports this bill against us, and out of all those who are responsible select through perhaps a lottery process your next target. Send your money (a lot of it) to that congressman’s political opponents.

Why a lottery instead of, say, a vote? Because the randomness of it all would be the most unnerving. If you focus your outrage on the most culpable players only, those who share less in the blame will feel safe. Let every politician and business that takes us on know our wrath will not discriminate.

Don’t think this could work? It works every day. The Secret Service cannot monitor everything that is said against the President. Still, people hesitate to publicly threaten whomever holds the office because the SS makes it a point to have all arrests well publisized. That creates a chilling effect. Just like a cop handing a ticket at the side of the road has the effect of getting everyone else to reduce their speed.

Of course we can’t take them all on – no more than China’s military can actually take on even just a tiny fraction of their population of one billion. We need just select a few deserving, unfortunate bastards and make them pay the price. Hang em high and let everyone know about it. Next time, those still around will think twice before waging war against our rights.

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  1. I had a similar idea. What I thought was that you list the top 52 companies and randomly boycott 1 each week. The disruption to the supply chain for a company like Wal-Mart would make it very effective. The message would be ” stay out of politics” or we keep you on the list.

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