Wide load

So I’m guessing this means people were more advanced than they give them credit for? Fascinating:

Some of the volcanic bluestones in the inner ring of Stonehenge officially match an outcrop in Wales that’s 160 miles (257 kilometers) from the world-famous site, geologists announced this week. (See Wales pictures.)

The discovery leaves two big ideas standing about how the massive pieces of the monument arrived at Salisbury Plain: entirely by human hand, or partly by glacier.

As it looks today, 5,000-year-old Stonehenge has an outer ring of 20- to 30-ton sandstone blocks and an inner ring and horseshoe of 3- to 5-ton volcanic bluestone blocks. (See Stonehenge pictures.)

The monument’s larger outer blocks, called the Sarsen stones, were likely quarried some 20 to 30 miles (32 to 48 kilometers) away in what’s now England, where sandstone is a common material.

The origin of the bluestones, however, has weighed heavy on the hearts of archaeologists. Rocks resembling the material under a microscope haven’t been found anywhere relatively near Stonehenge—at least until now.

Pinpointing the stones’ origins is crucial to understanding how so many heavy hunks of rock made their way to the open plain where Stonehenge now stands.

“There’s no way of explaining how these stones were transported without knowing where they came from,” said study co-author Robert Ixer of the University of Leicester in the U.K.

7 thoughts on “Wide load

  1. Mysterious movement and building of heavy rocks long before Caterpillar, huh? Planet Earth has always been inhabited by other, more-enlightened beings than humans. How else to explain these phenomenoms, including the building of the Pyramids?

  2. There’s always one explanation no matter where the stones originated, ancient alien ‘gods.’ I’m watching the story now on the History(?) Channel. Decades of Republican education policy in practice.

  3. I’m not ready to go with the Ancient Aliens theory — though recalling that in all legend lay a kernel of fact, reading the fabrications koran, bible, and torah in larger, historical context with other fabrications lain down in stone it is in fact quite easy to afford “Intelligent Design” a measure of credibility. When chariots with wheels of fire flitting about, vast arks propelling the seeds of life across vast empty spaces, and fathers asking of their wives “be this my son, or that of a “giant?” are lain aside the physical record it isn’t all that far fetched to supposit that at some point in the past half-million years extra-terrestrial travelers – for whatever reason: pure science, sheer boredom, desperate survival, or profit – genetically interfered with the development of the proto-humans they found roaming the savannahs of Northern and Western Africa. Not only are we but fleas agitating the hide of a far greater organism, but some bastard’s abandoned science project, if not cattle, as well — in thirty years of fascination with, hanging on and around and studying such I have never heard of a glacier carrying rocks away from the ocean.

  4. Be careful of calling the Bible, Koran, Torah and the Huna Code fabrications. The interpretation of them by the so-called experts may well be what has been fabricated. As for “intelligent design,” what is obvious is that all of what we see around and above us is a mathmatical equation. The question is whether that indicates a computer program being run by “some other” or nature simply working its will. For example a plant is a much more complex organism than is a human being. Which makes sense considering a plant is stationary and has to figure out how to survive in the same spot forever. Whereas a human being can move around and take what it requires as it travels along. And don’t forget there is a 26,000 year cycle in all of this, and magnetic pole switching, and visits from the ‘Destroyer’ from time to time.

  5. Missed in all the recent media hoopla ‘ore the Maya and their Calendar is not that it represents a 5,200 or even 26,000 year cycle but a half million year cycle, calculated not with telescopes over tens of thousands of years but by viewing the reflection of the night sky in finely polished obsidian bowls covered with but a film of water over a few hundreds of years.

    I suppose a glacier could carry rocks away from the ocean.

    The “Destroyer”? The 12th Body? Far the more likely thousands upon tens thousands of cavernous spacecraft, vast slaughter-houses piloted by ravenous vaguely reptilian creatures, replete with horns and folked tail, intent not as benevolent overseers of the demise of this world and our current iteration in human evolution and our children’s evolution onto the next iteration of humanity but as ravenous reptilian creatures… you know, hungry lizards! We did, afterall, invite them to “Come Eat!”

  6. Which might explain all those gold mines in southern Africa that began being worked 500,000 years ago, heh Ten Bears? “There are more things in Heaven and on Earth……” dear Horatio.

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