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  1. Strange but not unusual. The various allegedly holy orders have been battling for a millenium over the right to maintain the holy site. So far none of the orders have resorted to using the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

  2. I’ve heard this before too. Apparently ‘brotherly love’ doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. Crypts and Bloods in the Holy Land.

  3. unfortunately, it’s not that crazy. weird sectarian fights have been happening between christians in jerusalem-area holy sites forever.

    the church of the holy sepulchre is jointly managed (or mismanaged) by seven different christian sects, many of which won’t talk with each other. in 1852 someone placed a ladder above the entrance to the church, which prompted a big argument over which church had the responsibility to remove it. the argument was never resolved and the ladder is still there, 160 years later. (you can see the famous “immoveable ladder” from a photo i took during my 2008 visit to jerusalem. it’s on the second story window, to the upper right of the open door)

    jerusalem is a crazy place, and not just because of the arab-israeli conflict. when so many people think its the most important spot in the world, they do really crazy things.

  4. Actually, it’s in Bethlehem. But it’s the same there as in Jerusalem. These religions are on top of each other, literally, and they act like roosters in a barnyard (never saw nuns or religious women do it, but who knows). And it almost always starts with sweeping/cleaning the floors, thus brooms as weapons.

    In the Church of the Nativity on the bottom-most floor there is a very small cave-like structure with a “priest” who will tell you the creepiest stories about Jesus and the gang. Got out of there as fast as I could. Phew!

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