2 thoughts on “Once again

  1. This is how revisionism works. digby is reconstructing digby’s memory about Obama from the getco. Now digby doesn’t know what digby thinks, remembers or feels. That is what it means to live in simulated reality. No true and false, no opposites because no dialectic. All opposites are melted in the inside, just strengthening each other. Every Dominating Discourse has as its structural bedrock: opposites, and in this way the Dominating Discourse continues dialectically. BUT now that we are very much in simulated reality, all there is is credibility.

    Digby has ignored the fact that there are those who remember. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. Those who remember can point it out until the election, and it won’t make any difference to digby or anyone else. Because all is credibility. Nothing is ever true or refuted. All alternatives are out there, circulating globally like the numbers on Eric Packer’s screen in Cosmopolis. Hey! DeLilllo to Earth, Are you listening Earth?

  2. Uh, yeah, sure . . . anyway, the only thing I’ve learned about politicians during my life is that words don’t me shit. Actions count and Obama’s actions have been that of a Rethug shill.

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