This is the kind of politician I like

Someone who’s willing to wield his power to make sure business does the right thing!

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A supervisor in a small rural township in northern Lycoming County took matters into his own hands when a Marcellus shale drilling company kept using a road it had been told to keep big trucks off of.

Daniel Roupp cut down a half dozen trees yesterday, blocking the gravel road. “I’m thinking we got their attention,” he said today.

The drilling company, Range Resources, has resubmitted a plan for repairs to the road. The Cogan House Township supervisors last week felt the plan was inadequate but expressed a willingness to negotiate, Roupp said.

A spokesman for the company said Range has been cooperating with the township.

The township, which has about 100 residents, has been after Range for months to make repairs to the road, Roupp said. The Department of Environmental Protection on Dec. 15 told the township it was in violation of erosion and sediment regulations.

The compliance order required the township to prohibit vehicles of more than six tons from the road and submit a plan to DEP for its stabilization. The township tried to comply with DEP’s order banning heavy vehicles by erecting signs and using barricades, but Roupp said truck drivers ignored them.

The township then pulled permits that allowed the heavy trucks to use the road, but Roupp said that did not stop them, either. That is why he blocked the road with trees, he said.

And as he notes, if they don’t follow through this time, there are plenty more trees along that road.

One thought on “This is the kind of politician I like

  1. What, they don’t have a police department in Williamsport? They have to cut down trees instead of actually ENFORCING THE LAW? He’s a fucking moron like all the rest of the politicians. Now if he planted a bunch of new trees to replace those he needlessly destroyed he could win back some “points,” but it was wasteful and stupid to do this violence against the environment to make a point. This whole fracking thing is an abomination against the earth, and just underscores how violent and idiotic humanity has become. We no longer deserve to live on this planet and in the coming years the earth will rid itself of the cancer of human beings by making it too hot or wet to grow enough food for the 7 billion and counting, wreak havoc with unheard of storms and generally show us how stupid we’ve been.

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