3 thoughts on “John Roberts

  1. The Constitution doesn’t say much about the Supreme Court. But it does say that the number of justices on the court is to be fixed by Congress. The country began with one. The Constitution also says that judges “shall hold their offices during good behavior.” What it doesn’t say is that a Supreme Court Justice will serve for life. Lifetime tenure somehow became the norm over time. So the people’s representatives can put 50 people on the court each holding a 2 year term if they so desire.

  2. It’s just an inconsequential piece of paper, Im.
    If it weren’t, Clarence Thomas would be out on his lying butt, and Tony Scalia would have been dumped for conflict of interest.

  3. “shall hold their offices during good behavior?” I guess it depends on whose definition of good behavior one uses. IOKIYAR anyone?

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