Santorum’s dirty secret (one of them)

The Republican presidential hopefuls are all shameless flip-floppers, which is why Rick Santorum’s previous pro- labor union positions are no surprise:

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s unexpected finish in Iowa has thrust his record into the spotlight. Naturally, his anti-choice, homophobic, and patently outrageous positions only help shore up his right-wing credentials. As he said in Sioux City, “A track record is a pretty good indication of what you’re going to do in the future.”

However, some of his votes in the past will certainly put a dent in his conservative credentials. As Bloomberg News points out, Santorum spent a lot of his 16-year congressional career fighting alongside labor advocates to protect striking workers, increase the minimum wage, and ensure that the law requiring employers to pay the prevailing wage stayed on the books…

5 thoughts on “Santorum’s dirty secret (one of them)

  1. Pro labor, or not, this guy gives me the creeps. I can’t ever recall anyone bringing home a dead—apparently stillborn—baby and sleeping with the body over-night! I don’t know about you, but I find THAT sort of behavior like something out of a Hitchcock flick.

  2. Santorum will easily explain away past positions that were not totally anti-labor. He will simply say that he had to represent Pennsylvania, where vestiges of organized labor remain.

    However, he will further explain, now that his candidacy is going national, he can put aside past local considerations that held him back, and that he is now free to be as anti-labor, pro child worker, gut any minimum wage restraint nonsense, etc.

    And the more he foams at the mouth as he explains this, the better the Republican electorate will like it.

  3. Fighting alongside Labor advocates may be a ‘dirty little secret’ to Santorum in his quest to be THE conservative, but the labor work he did perform is to his credit, regardless of his present weirdo politics. At least,his previous incarnation is more credible as a human.

  4. My prediction: Santorum will run as Romney’s VP. Romney’s Mormonism is going to freak out the social conservatives. Santorum will appease the religious right. And everyone knows that a VP doesn’t really count anyway, which is why I’m agin’ Hillary knocking Biden out of that spot.
    You heard it here first. Or maybe you didn’t, but anyway, it’s on the record.

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