If he approves it, there will be “huge political consequences” as well:

A top oil industry official delivered a clear warning to President Obama Wednesday: approve the Keystone XL pipeline or face “huge political consequences.”

American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard urged Obama to quickly approve the pipeline, which would carry oil sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the Gulf Coast.

[…] “I think it would be a huge mistake on the part of the president of the United States to deny the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline,” Gerard said during the powerful oil industry trade association’s annual “State of American Energy” event Wednesday.

“Clearly, the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest. A determination to decide anything less than that I believe will have huge political consequences.”

Let’s see. It creates a relative handful of jobs, and most of the oil will be shipped to other countries. This is in our interest… why?

3 thoughts on “Threat

  1. By “huge political consequences” Jack means that Big oil will cut off campaign donations to Obama. But those donations will still flow to the Clinton, “The era of big government is over,” Blue Dog Democrats who support the building of this pipeline. Obama not only has to fight off the Republican 1%, but also the Clinton 1% wing of the Democratic Party.

  2. “Mr. President, your boss is calling on line #3. No, no – not Mr. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs – one of your other bosses, Mr. Gerard of the API.

    He says its urgent.”

  3. russ, you are correct. Big oil and the other giant corporations do run the United States of America. The politicians are simply bought and paid for creatures of the 1%. So it’s the corporations that we should direct our anger at. Not another cog in the wheel like politician Obama. He’s as much a victim of the corporations who are screwing all of us as we are.

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