Libra crap

From Michael Lutin, my favorite Jungian astrologer:

Why bullshit you? Nobody, but nobody ever gets through a Saturn transit without facing some pretty serious and often scary and traumatic changes in their life. At the time it hardly seems like good luck, so you’re not about to go around whistling “the hills are alive with the sound of music.” It would be unfair to tell you any fairy tales about that. One thing is certain, however, and this is a promise: On the other side of this transit – which should be over by the fall, you will have learned invaluable lessons about humility, responsibility and appreciation for life, and gained wisdom that will grant stature over and respect among your peers.

Let’s just see if there’s anything to this astrology stuff. My astrologer friend April says she doesn’t know anyone who got through a 12th house Saturn transit without multiple trips to the hospital, so I’d say I’m right on track.

I don’t have much mental or emotional energy left for anything else, but that should improve after the surgery.

Honestly, who knew your body could become so unreliable, so quickly? I’m floored by the amount of time and energy I spend on various medical issues now.

4 thoughts on “Libra crap

  1. Well, I woke up with clogged sinuses and multiple nose-bleeds and I’m miserable. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. Keep us posted on this unintended and unwanted journey of yours.

  2. Holy Crap! I don’t know which house my moon’s in, but it’s sure been in a sling this week. Computer crashes at work, electrical shorts at home and three trips to the dentist for the same crown. I’ve removed everything from my day planner more complicated than taking the trash out.

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