4 thoughts on “Plunder watch

  1. …from The Daily Howler piece, “Mitt Romney’s candidacy may be the best thing that could have happened to the American worker because it’s a wakeup call for everybody”.
    And this unusual confluence of #OWS, Romney’s candidacy, and an incumbant president struggling to be a real populist surely will bode well for average Americans struggling to stay afloat: the ugly warts are being laid on the table.

  2. However, until the average news consumer/voter can describe what happened to contracted for benefits and promised pensions in a few words, showing they truly understand what was done to workers of these businesses, Romney will ride out the Bain part of his bio.

    He may well do so and beoome the Bane of our Existences in 2013.

    People will have to be able to clearly describe what was done and do so in a few well understood words. It will need to be as common a reference as the One Percent and Ninety-nine Percent has become.

    Who here can do that? Seriously?

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