9 thoughts on “Kill them, but don’t piss on them

  1. Ok, you lost me. I just read.a statement from Clinton that condemns this incident in the strongest possible terms.
    Her job is diplomacy, as in, Pakistan, the most dangerous country on the planet right now, is gem to Afghanistan. What EXACTLY would you have her do? Remember, she is not the president. He makes the final call.

    My brother is in Kuwait and makes frequent trips to Afghanistan. I never supported the Iraq war or the occupations of Afghanistan. But central Asia has been screwed up better than a game of Dr. Tangle. Just because she hasn’t managed to overrule Obama and order the immediate evacuation of Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t mean she likes war or approves of the atrocious and disgusting behavior of these marines. I’m very concerned with the level of black-white thinking. There are very few truly evil people in the world and they work on Wall Street. Everyone else is figuring it out as they go.

  2. During the so-called “Indian Wars”, the “Indian” solution Hitler was so enamoured of he wrote a book about it, the white dogs made tobacco pouches of First American women’s breasts, and hat covers from the linings of their wombs. In originality, scalping was not a Native thing.

    I did things in ‘Nam I’m not proud of, things I am only today coming to grips with – if ever. I did things in ‘Nam that I was told to do and was subsequently court-marshaled and dishonorably discharged for. But those fuckers were fighters. Warriors. I would have no more pissed on them than they would have pissed on me.

    As for that media squaw Dana Loersch (whatever) who would “drop trou and do it herself”, I’d piss on her but she’d probably enjoy it, want more.

  3. On radio, a clip has Unger saying it’s hard for soldiers to be told water boarding aliving prisoner is OK, but pissing one after he’s dead is forbidden. He made a very clear observation that what this War on Terrs is doing to people is way mixed up, morally, politically, all ways. I thought he was spot on.

  4. The Irony! Clinton and the rest of those shitheads have been pissing on the american people and our military for years. I have no problem with a soldier pissing on a dead enemy. What I do have a problem with is washing the body and burial at sea with “respect” of a P.O.S. that murdered thousands of americans on 9/11. Oh BTW, native americans mutilated their enemies dead due to their spiritual beliefs.

  5. shootthemall, your ‘facts’ are a bit off. The Indians learned to desecrate bodies from the Spaniard’s who were running amok all over America early on didn’t they? You’ve got the who’s pissing on whom a little backwards don’t you? The military has been pissing on the American people by allowing the politicians, like Clinton, to bribe them into fighting unnecessary and illegal wars for years right? In addition John P. O’Neil warned the Bush adminstration that bin Laden was about to attack New York. So they fired him, got him a really neat job at the WTC, where he died on September 11th, which was his first day at work. If you want to play at least bring something accurate to the table.

  6. Why would anyone want to shoot the mall?
    Open-air mall or enclosed?
    And how would one even do that?
    Is it anything like going postal?

  7. Odd person, don’t mention johnathan swift. He’s way above your comprehension level. You sir quite simply are a douche.

  8. Annoyed, Swift was a crazy person. He was driven mad by his own thoughts. The last part of his life was spent living in a small house in the back of his main house away from his own family. Because he thought that the pores in their skin were so large that they would give off enough toxins to kill him. odd man out is a sane human being, and a nice fellow to boot, who comprehends that he must put up with some silly name calling from time to time by those who may or may not be of sound mind.

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