Fun with hospitals

So I finally had my pre-admission testing today after waiting two hours. I was “lucky” enough to get a physician’s assistant who regaled me with the very detailed tale of how she recently almost died from a gangrenous gall bladder, and how I absolutely shouldn’t put off the surgery. I mentioned that since I was there for pre-admission testing, was tomorrow soon enough?

Then she told me she had “horrendous” side effects, but she was happy to put up with them because at least she “was still alive.” Also, that not having a gall bladder would give me stomach cancer if I ate any fat at all, because the bile is dumped directly onto your stomach.

Then the anesthesiologist came in to meet with me. She told me she “hardly” got any sleep because her new (preemie) baby has colic. She must have noticed my expression, because she said, “You know how it is when you’re a mother. You make it work.” Besides, she said, she might not even be my anesthesiologist, so there you go.

Oh, and the PA also told me my EKG showed that I’d had a “probable” infarct sometime in the past. I told her it had been showing up on my EKGs for 35 years, that I’d been thoroughly checked out and it’s nothing. But hey, thanks for sending my stress levels through the roof the night before my surgery!

5 thoughts on “Fun with hospitals

  1. Maybe whatever it is that’s persecuting Libras has jumped to medical people and eaten their brains.

  2. My wife had her gall bladder removed several years ago, and it’s improved her quality of life immeasurably. The only “side effect” is that she no longer is in pain.

    Worth noting that she’s vegan, and consequently doesn’t consume a whole lot of fat (besides avocados, which cause her no trouble at all).

  3. What a crowd of clucks! I hope everything goes well tomorrow and that you feel so much better after this is over.

  4. Susie, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending vibes/energy/whatever that the surgery goes well for you.

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