Fighting mortgage fraud

Hey, what a concept. The NYT thinks President Obama should act as a leader on this issue:

…[Obama] He should form an interagency task force to investigate and pursue potential civil and criminal wrongdoing by institutions and people whose conduct in the mortgage chain had the greatest economic impact.

That would mean focusing on the large banks and their top echelons. The investigators would need to include the departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development, the S.E.C. and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as bank regulators, with the formal co-operation of the most aggressive state attorneys general. The task force would need a leader with the impulses of a crusading prosecutor…

6 thoughts on “Fighting mortgage fraud

  1. I doubt Obama has any plans to pursue such an investigation, at least not yet. Although I do think he’ll begin to float a few “footballs” regarding a possible investigation the closer we get to November (just to give the Left and the Middle Class something to salivate over.

    Remember, he’s getting goo-gobs and a shitload of potential campaign cash from the banksters and The Street, and so all bets are probably off (until after he gets re-elected :))

  2. Obama, ‘act as a leader’.

    Well, there is always a first time for everything.

    But it would still be just an act from Barry O’Failure.

    Fuck the Pretenda-Dems.

  3. Obama will no longer need to please everybody after November. It will be interesting to see if he goes after the people he doesn’t need anymore.

  4. Going after the people Obama won’t need anymore if he’s reelected?

    That would the us, right????

    Because for he post-electoral office life he’s going to need his One Percenters big time. Right?

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