10 thoughts on “I’m home

  1. I was once kicked in a fight by a guy wearing steel-toed boots. No fun! Glad you’re home and OK (relatively speaking). And glad you’ve got Percocet.

  2. I’m glad you’re home and that gall bladder isn’t.

    Now I hope your year (and all of ours) will be a better one than the last.

    Enjoy the down time!

  3. When I was out of the burn center’s ICU and into a regular room, they gave us oxycodone (prob’ly Percocet), and the kept telling us to stay ahead of the pain curve (but they still kept to the max per X hours).

    It took me quite awhile to realize that when my pain med was wearing off I first got chilly, then chills I couldn’t control, followed by The Pain. I had thought I should try to take less than prescribed. Do not fall into that thinking!

    Stay ahead of the pain, because getting behind takes a lot longer to get back to no pain.

    The nurses kept telling us that we should not worry about addiction, becuase when the body was in pain it used the pain killers to avoid that pain. And you will get better.

    Best wishes. Stay ahead of the pain so you can sleep and heal.

    When I was sent home, I was alone and was so glad I had Glucerna on hand so I could feed myself without having to stand up and fix food.

    Have something easy to eat and plenty of liquids.

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