One thought on “Explainer

  1. The wealthy oligarchy (1%) has never denied us our rights, nor do that want to strip away the rights we already have, for principled reasons. The Capitalist’s are motivated only by a need to make a profit. Their goal is to accumulate as much wealth as possible by using any means necessary. Today they own 40% of our wealth. But, the Capitalists appetite for wealth is insatiable. So they will use any tactic available to them to get it. If that means erasing the middle class by lowering wages or throwing 46 million people into poverty by eliminating jobs, so be it. If it means fighting illegal wars for profit, destroying the enviornment for profit, making the cost of health care unaffordable to the masses for profit, so be it. Profit, Capitalism, is our problem. It’s as simple as that.

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