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  1. Yes, I knew — but I’d forgotten. For some people, it causes itching. Not nice.

    On my first two days out of ICU and in regular burn unit room, my roommate was a non-burn victim, a woman who’d had terrible results from some surgery I now can’t recall. She was in for another attempt to right some errors, and spent day and night crying, as softly as possible, which almost made it more painful to listen to.

    She itched terribly from the painkillers she was prescribed, and without them she was in awful pain.

    Oh, it was terrible to be an observer (well, overhearing this poor woman) of someone who didn’t want to talk to anyone other than her family and didn’t want others to feel sorry for her.

  2. I have the same reaction to percocet. Also to percodan. And most other painkillers cause me to vomit. The only one I’ve not ever had trouble with is morphine.

    Sorry you are going through this, but glad you got the surgery. I hope the pain fades soon.

  3. Percs have never caused me to itch, but morphine has always caused me to itch like hell. The hospital injected me with presciption Benadryl to help calm the allergic reaction.

  4. Another roommate, who had been in the burn center ICU for three (or was it four?)weeks, then with me for two or two and a half weeks, developed an itch from the Oxycontin (she thought) and initially the Benadryl helped, but gradually that wasn’t working as well to tamp down the itching. We had our graft surgeries the same day, but she had severe head, ear, and face burns, so they had to take a much larger slice of skin from her thigh — about hip to knee, the widest slicer. They needed more skin to get matches for chin, neck, cheeks, nose skin textures and grain (as I understood it), and for the ear reconstruction. The pain of that donor site was horrendous for her.

    When I was being bathed after the initial bandage removal from my donor site, I was patting myself dry, but couldn’t feel anything in that spot — and hit it with my thumb nail. That I did feel, in spades. And it bled profusely, given there was no real skin over the capillaries or whatever I’d broken. That was a highly memorable, if brief, pain! And my scream brought all the nearby docs into the tank room — left me very embarrassed. And it really made me feel for my poor roomie.

  5. Dandy — had my injections yesterday. My pain range is reduced so far today, but still painful in the buttock-hip area (about organge sized ball of pain). I was told it may be gone in a couple days or three to four weeks.

    Will see doc next Wednesday.

    I was getting pretty concerned about the nerve pain/weakness in the ankle/foot area, as I read that can lead to a “club foot,” aka “dropped foot.” Which my elderly neighbor developed. Her docs blamed her diabetes, but she’d also had severe back pain problems in middle age.

    Again, Dandy, thnx for you info.

  6. jawbone…………..glad to know you have some relief, hope it continues. I’m not familiar with any of the side effects you mentioned. What I do know is that when my back acts up on me, when the pain is super horrific, I really could care less about potential side effects. Good luck with your issues.

  7. Itching is usually the first sign of allergic reaction. Have you tried taking an antihistamine?

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