4 thoughts on “Who made your Mac book?

  1. Have you listened to the This American Life episode on this theme? Ira Glass does a pretty good job of looking at the problem. Yep, there are problems but in the end, the staff of This American Life decided to keep all of their Apple products, and it sounds like they have nothing but.
    The truth is that there is no hardware manufacturer that has a better record than Apple’s in Asia. If you’re going to be consistent, you need to boycott all hardware. Yep, just go without a computer.
    That’s not the answer most people want to hear or believe but them’s the facts.
    BTW, Ira Glass is a cousin or nephew or something of Phillip Glass of music and Occupy fame. It runs in the family.

  2. Yes, but Apple is the only company making such obscene profit margins at the expense of these workers. At least the PC manufacturers are making affordable products.

  3. At some future time I trust that we will all understand what has been done in the name of our motherfucking freedom.

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