3 thoughts on “A way with words

  1. This is ‘our’ Zionist problem. How Zionism interprets the world and then uses its influence to control world events is much too broad a topic to explain in a few words. Suffice to say that the Zionists have never met a war that they didn’t support. Even if that meant putting themselves at risk. Perhaps a Zionist in our audience might explain the Zionist’s love of violence to us? Is it an historical predisposition? It is clearly not a Jewish issue. Most Jews and Israelis are now, and have always been, loving and Peaceful folks. So what’s up with the right wing Zionist faction?

  2. EYaw, once you start talking about Templars and Cathars and Khazars, the conversation will get around to Zionists putting their own kindred to the sword – or the gas chambers, as the case may be – in nineteen thirties Germany.

  3. Yeah, pretty soon now we’ll start hearing how the Iranians have developed WMDs that are stored in movable bunkers—and they’ll have space shot photos to “prove” it. Hell, who knows? General Powell may even be paid to verify everything!

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