Mitt and Jay-Z, perfect together

Bill Maher showed photos of hip-hip stars posing with wads of cash in their hands, or in their mouths, and then a photo of Mittens and his whiter-than-white homies at Bain Capital, in similar poses with money. More here.

One thought on “Mitt and Jay-Z, perfect together

  1. Who’da thunk it? Capitalism has been put on trial in the 2012 presidential election. Romney, who will be the Republican nominee, has been forced to defend Capitalism. But it wasn’t the OWS movement which forced Mitt to do that. It was his Republican opponents who injected the issue of Capitalism into the race. Defending the legitimacy of Capitalism was the last thing that the oligarchy (1%) wanted to do in the 2012 election. But this issue isn’t going away any time soon. So the 1% is now scrambling to retool the Republican (Capitalist Party) message to try and blunt their Capitalism problem. Thanks to OWS.

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