I’m watching a lot of movies while I’m sick (I can only read so much). Tonight my friend and I watched “Unknown” with Liam Neeson – not terrible, but not great. I am frequently distracted by the faces and have to look up what movies they were in. Diane Kruger plays a Croatian cabdriver but she was decidedly more memorable as a movie star working as a spy in “Inglorious Basterds”.

Also had some baked pita chips and salsa tonight without serious consequences. Progress!

2 thoughts on “Consuming

  1. Not the best foods for a sickie. Try some soup, for heaven’s sake. And if you need to watch our Liam, watch him his “Micheal Collins”!

  2. When I was on pain meds, I found it very difficult to concentrate on any kind of reading requiring real concentration. It kind of scared me, and I wondered if I was just losing my ability to concentrate. But, after the I was off the pills for awhile I did get back to reading and reading as voraciously as before.

    Don’t worry about it. Use whatever helps pass the time and distract you from your discomfort. You’ll get back to your insightful reading very soon.

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