I have to say, I’m still not feeling real good. The Percocet is creating problems as expected, but more than that, I’m getting these really bad cramps on my right side. It’s really difficult to get out of bed in the morning because the pain is so bad. The rest of the day isn’t as bad because I can sit in an armchair.

Anybody else go through this?

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  1. Susie, sending nothing but positive waves. Give your Doc a call in the morning. Any pain should be episodic and relatively short-lived. Get the green light from your doctor then start to work through the discomfort. And by work I don’t mean this blog, but moving about, walking, etc. Jeez, I sound like my high school football coach.

  2. Susie — do call your doc’s office. Sometimes a good nurse or physician’s ass’t can offer excellent advice.

    But do call tomorrow. (And I have to do the same about my right leg/foot/ankle — and I so hate to seem to be a whinger.) But, pain can prevent you from sleeping well and can make you move in ways that may cause other muscle issues.

    Good sleep, maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.

  3. Percocet is a opiate; it causes constipation. Patients often take a stool softener, like docusate sodium, along with it.

  4. All of the above: Constipation, inability to concentrate, just plain irritability. I stopped answering the phone because it hurts to reach for it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  5. G Newman is right about the stool softener, but the best bet, Suze, is that you contact your doc—-your pain issues ought to be subsiding to some degree by now. Hang tough, my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  6. Stool softeners did next to nothing for me when I was in the burn unit, maybe due to amount of painkiller.

    Nothing worked until a roommate’s daughter brought in a box of Fiber One, which I added to my doubled prunes order and oatmeal. After a couple days, relief at that end. So to speak.

    (Burns require protein for regrowing skin, and patients were urged to eat a minimum of 72 grams of protein a day — and the nurses checked our food selections and trays to make sure we did get enough protein. They began supplementing my diet with Glucerna, and, eventually, I began to drink more milk just to add the protein. Things I would never have known without my stupid boiling water spill….)

  7. Ron, I did do some walking yesterday. Since we had snow and ice on the ground here, I had my friend drive me to the Target and we walked around there. I figured it couldn’t hurt, and it might help.

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