Fun with fundraising

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t done a fund drive in a really long time. That’s because I’ve been able to hang on through what I earn at C&L, subsidized by what was left to me when my mother died.

Now I could really use your help. In addition to paying for the health insurance, I have a $5000 copay on the surgery and about $30,000 in assorted medical bills from when I was hospitalized previously. (See this woman’s story.) I don’t expect to pay all of that, but I will have to pay something.

Obviously, some of you are in the same leaky financial boat and the last thing I want is for my readers to donate to me when they’re in bad shape themselves. But for those of you who can spare a few bucks, and would like to support what I do, I’d really appreciate your help.

In addition to Paypal (see “donate” tab above), you can request my home address or use (widget just below this), which was recommended to me by people who hate Paypal.

Donate to Keep Susie healthy!

9 thoughts on “Fun with fundraising

  1. Can’t at the moment, Suze, but I’ll do something on the first. Can you forward your address to me, please?

  2. in the middle of trying to get my unemployment extended. maybe if I get approved…

  3. I can help with a small amount. However, I refuse to use PayPal or send anything via electronic means. I’m quite willing to write check and send via mail.

  4. Good luck with your medical fundraising. As the woman you linked to my story, I understand the crushing weight of medical bills. Despite making regular monthly payments, some of mine are going into collection – and that sucks. Especially when you’re trying your damnedest and still fighting a losing battle.

    Anyway, best of luck and health to you.

  5. A snailmail address, to my @, please? (Avedon will vouch for the fact that I’m the kind of Old Geezer who wouldn’t have a PayPal account.)

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