Castro counters GOP hopefuls

Republican presidential candidates are probably more comfortable condemning Cuba than talking about solutions to Florida’s economic problems:

Fidel Castro lambasted the Republican presidential race as the greatest competition of “idiocy and ignorance” the world has ever seen in a column published Wednesday, and also took shots at the news media and foreign governments for seizing on the death of a Cuban prisoner to demand greater respect for human rights.

Castro’s comments came in a long opinion piece carried by official media two days after Republican presidential hopefuls at a debate in Florida presented mostly hard-line stances on what to do about the Communist-run island, and even speculated as to what would happen to the 85-year-old revolutionary leader’s soul when he dies…

One thought on “Castro counters GOP hopefuls

  1. Fidel has been a keen observer of Presidents for a long time. If anybody has an informed opinion of the candidates, it would be him.

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